Sapeli ribs for lute

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Sapeli ribs for lute construction

Sapeli ribs for lute.

Rib dimensions:
Length: 75cm
Width: You can choose 2.5cm, 3cm, or 3.5cm width
Thickness: 2.8mm

16 to 21 ribs depending on their width, are needed to build one lute bowl. You'll also need one end clasp and two wood strips that can be purchased separately for completing the body.

Use the drop down menu Ποσότητα | Quantity to choose the quantity and rib width you want, then click on the ADD TO CART button. A discount is given for the purchase of more than 3 ribs.

Choose 3 ribs if you just need a few spare ones.

Choose 12 ribs 2.5cm width, or 10 ribs 3cm width, or 9 ribs 3.5cm width, then combine them with an additional rib set in a contrasting colour of wood for a striking result.

Choose 21 ribs 2.5cm width, or 18 ribs 3cm width, or 16 ribs 3.5cm width, a complete rib set for building one lute bowl.

If you need custom dimensions please contact us prior placing your order. We'll be happy to make you a custom product.
Wood is a natural product. The piece you'll receive will have different grain and colour from the one in the picture

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