Brown perforated veneer tape

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Brown perforated veneer tape. Water activated (self-sealing). The water-activated veneer tapes, which are made from ultra-thin specialist paper, are the modern classics among veneer adhesives. They are the high quality solution for the creation of seamless veneer surfaces from real wood, such as cherry and beech. Their key area of use is the production of veneer panels without visible or tangible joints for refining the surfaces of furniture, doors, wall cladding or fittings. These tapes are made from cellulose- or Kraft paper with an acid- and grease-free adhesive coating. The starch adhesive used on these veneer tapes is completely harmless; the sparing application of a little water is all that’s necessary for it to achieve its immediately effective and durable bonding performance.


Width 2cm

Length 200m


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