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The earliest wooden chessboards were made from simple blocks of alternating dark and light hardwood that were cut and secured into a wooden tray, forming the playing field. In the ensuing centuries, the format of the field remained the same, but woodworking craftsmen honed and refined their techniques, resulting in the luxury boards chess enthusiasts use and appreciate today. The range of hardwoods usually available can limit the craftsman, however, and this is where wood veneer has an advantage over solid block board construction.
We provide materials for both veneered and solid block chessboards. We’ve created a collection of premium chessboard kits in regulation size*, ready for you to cut** and inlay, and available in your choice of solid wood or veneer (contact us for custom sizes). Hardwood chessboards kits include walnut, bubinga, maple, wenge and more, all hand-selected for their beauty and contrasting colours. Veneer kits range from classic and understated woods such as maple, oak and ebony to more dramatic burled, veined or dyed woods. If you prefer, you can also design your own board using selections from our online catalogue of wood veneers.
Wood working and marquetry skills required.

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