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Ατσάλι 440C για κατασκευή λάμας μαχαιριού

SB1 NIOLOX 1.4153.03 stain resistant tool steel [3,2mm x 40,3mm x 500mm]

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SB1 Niolox 1.4153.03 is a stain resistant tool steel with a good edge holding and decent toughness. Niolox contains Niobium which is one of the best carbide formers, which gives Niolox a very fine grain structure when compared with other non powder metallurgy manufactured steels. This aids with edge stability and has greater wear resistance than D2. It also will be supplied surface ground with no mill scale!

Nb-added Tool steel with good toughness and edge holding ability at optimized corrosion resistance.Besides its main application for cutter knives in the food processing industry this steel is used for all industrial knive applications, where maintenance of the cutting edges and optimized corrosion resistance is required. At increased requirements to corrosion resistance, especially in salt- or acid containing medias, it is recommended not to use tempering temperatures above 420 °C. Carbide precipitations on the grain boundaries may cause otherwise pitting corrosion.

It is annealed with a clean surface.

Dimensions 3.2mm x 40.3mm x 500mm

Nominal Analysis:

Chromium 12.7%

Molybdenum 1.1%

Vanadium 0.9%

Carbon 0.80%

Niobium 0.7%

Niolox 1.4513.03 heat treatment